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That looks fine for a Hermit Thrush based on the spotting pattern and face pattern. Swainson’s should not be here for quite some time, they are among the latest of migrants. As well, the pattern of spotting below is unlike our western (Russet-backed) Swainson’s. Note also that coastal Hermit Thrushes can have very dull rusty on the tail, and it varies depending on what population you are talking about. In winter and migration we have various different Hermit Thrushes passing through here, all West Coast birds, but they vary in their appearance depending on the latitude they breed at.

Good birding!


Alvaro Jaramillo

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Subject: [southbaybirds] A Thrush Seen At SCVWD On 3/25/2020


At the Santa Clara Valley Water District I photographed an adult thrush which did not seem to have black-enough spots to be a Hermit Thrush. It was in an open tree, and Pete Dunne says the Swainson's Thrush is "... an arboreal hunter, spending a greater percentage of its foraging time in the mid-forest layer with its feet off the forest floor (but also hunts on the ground)." And I saw no red tail as the bird quickly flew away to the north. However, I'm less than reliable when it comes to Red/Green.

Swainson's Thrushes should be passing through on their spring migration to the north, and others with greater ability to see red should have a reasonable chance to ID them.

Frank Vanslager

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