Date: 3/25/20 12:50 pm
From: Rick & Marianne Atkinson <marianne5...>
Subject: Sharp Shinned Hawk - Clearfield County
Since I have a lot more time due to social distancing and staying home, I
was just doing an extra project on the computer at home, which is next to my
sliding glass doors that look out onto my bird feeding area, I saw a bird
swirl quickly out of the corner of my eye that was much bigger than the many
goldfinches and other little birds that are constant visitors.

I slid my chair over real fast to see that a Sharp Shinned Hawk landed
momentarily in one of my snags. Sadly, it took off empty handed. Or should I
say, empty taloned? (word??? Lol )

This sighting happened about 15 minutes ago and there are still no birds at
my feeding area. No surprise, since they would want to eat seeds and not
want to BE the main course!

Marianne Atkinson
Clearfield County near DuBois

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