Date: 3/25/20 9:53 am
From: Cindy Scott <cdleescott...>
Subject: [MBBIRDS] Re: Device and information to reduce bird kills by cats
Carol, I'm delighted to see your post, and very grateful for the
information. I've been on the "educator" end of so many conversations
regarding this topic, and this is just what is needed for such venues like
the City of Watsonville Nature Center where I worked. I will happily pass
this information on to my cohorts there! Thank you! Cindy Scott, Corralitos

On Wednesday, March 25, 2020 at 2:33:53 AM UTC-7, carol.pecot wrote:
> I can’t remember if I have posted this before, but spring is here, along
> with baby birds soon…..
> There is a highly effective cat “collar” called Birdsbesafe which strongly
> reduces bird kills. In this
> <> study,
> cats wearing it killed 19 times fewer birds in the spring! It isn’t too
> costly (~$10), and can be used with a breakaway collar to protect the cat.
> Also is reflective at night, which again protects the kitty.
> It is very interesting to read the reader comments on Amazon
> <>, most
> of which were expressing amazement at how effective it was. It might make
> a nice gift for the cat lovers you know. :-)
> Also, there was a nice, short, article in the Good News Network ( a site
> which gathers news stories about environment, people, etc, which are
> actually good and/or hopeful/encouraging - pretty nice these days) titled
> “New Study of 900 House Cats Finally Answers Age-Old Question About What
> Felines Do When They Go Outside”. It is interesting, very
> cat-lover-friendly, AND just slips in there the part about cats killing up
> to 4 Billion birds. It then goes on to say there is a solution, and tells
> the story of this collar invention.
> It is the best write-up I have yet seen to get the information across to
> the people who need to be aware of the issue, if they are not already. The
> other write-ups or posters I have seen can elicit a very defensive reaction
> for the people who most need to see it.
> Note: I know there are a lot of birdwatchers who have their own beloved
> kitty, and are very aware, plus have taken steps to protect birds. This is
> to help get the word out to those who are unaware, or think there is
> nothing to be done.
> Sorry for the long post, but here’s hoping that it can save some birds!
> Carol Pecot
> Above Soquel

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