Date: 3/25/20 8:39 am
From: Mary Murrell <dmarc-noreply...> (Redacted sender mary_murrell for DMARC)
Subject: [wisb] WSO guidance on Governor's "Safer at Home" order
TheWSO has provided the following guidance for those who are wondering whether theyare still able to get out and bird-watch in light of Governor Ever’s recent “Saferat Home Order”:
AlthoughGovernor Ever’s Order (issued on March 24, 2020) generally ordersWisconsinites to stay at home, the order provides an exception for EssentialActivities, which include “outdoor activity.” As long as social distancingrequirements are met, the Order permits outdoor activities. It provides the examples of walking, biking, hiking, or running "by way of example and withoutlimitation." Bird watching qualifies as such an outdoor activity.
 In addition,although travel is discouraged and, in some cases, prohibited, travel for thepurpose of engaging in an outdoor activity is permitted. Therefore, driving orbiking to go bird watching is also allowed. Visiting public and state parks is specifically permitted (but team orcontact sports are specifically prohibited).

Travel, however, should remain minimal.The Order states at the outset that: “This is a critical moment in Wisconsin.We must all do our part to cease non-essential travel, business, and socialinteractions.”
In short, GovernorEver’s order recognizes the value of outdoor recreation and bird watching aslong as it can be done responsibly. That includes the now-familiar socialdistancing requirements of six feet of separation between individuals, frequenthand washing, and not shaking hands. 
So, by all means, get out and enjoy the birds, but keep yourdistance from others, don’t travel too far, minimize contact, and keep in mind the severity of ourcircumstances.

If the Governor takes further action, the WSO will revisit thisguidance.

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