Date: 3/25/20 5:20 am
From: Jack Chiles <dmarc-noreply-outsider...> (Redacted sender chilesjack for DMARC)
Subject: [texbirds] Tuesday morning bird census, Hagerman NWR, 03-24-20
Due to the situation with the Covid-19 I am having to do the bird census by myself until permitted to go as a group sometime in the future and who knows when that will be. And to complicate matters even more the refuge is now flooded. All of Wildlife drive is now under water. This at a time when the shorebirds were starting to arrive, so now there are no mudflats and almost no shorebirds. American White Pelicans are beginning to arrive in larger numbers. I walked from the Goode Area to Dead Woman Pond and found a Cinnamon Teal there with a flock of Blue-winged Teal. The Red-headed Woodpeckers are still hanging out there. Sparrow numbers were very low today. But Northern Cardinals, Tufted Titmice and Carolina Wrens were singing most everywhere I went. The Bald Eagle was sitting on her favorite power pole surrounded by nothing but water. The observation platform by Mineral Marsh was almost completely covered by water. I got my first of the season Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, Sn
owy Egret and Cattle Egret. There were quite a few White-eyed Vireos singing and I located Brewer's Blackbirds on Judge Elliot Road. I finished the day with 72 species.
Jack Chiles, Texas master naturalist and volunteer, Hagerman NWR
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