Date: 3/25/20 4:15 am
From: Robert Thorn <robthorn6...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] SharonWoods-BlendonWoods,3-24,25
Staying close to home, I've visited these 2 NE Columbus metroparks.
Waterfowl migration seems to have exited the ponds here - Shrock Lake had
nothing but Mallards & geese, while Thoreau Pond could only add 1 Hooded
Merganser and 1 Ruddy Duck. Interesting landbirds included:

E.Phoebes - in bulk, though staying around water. Shrock Lake had 4,
Thoreau Pond 3
Tree Swallows - similar to Phoebes, with Shrock Lake 12, Thoreau Pond 2
E.Bluebirds - singing males on territory in both parks
E.Towhee - only 1 at Sharon Woods, while Blendon had 4, all males
Field Sparrow - 1 singing bird at Blendon, on the Goldenrod Trail
Fox Sparrow - 2 birds at Blendon - one on Goldenrod Trail, the other
singing by the blinds at Thoreau Pond
Warblers - only Yellow-rumps, but they were noticeable. Sharon woods had
9, with several singing, while Blendon had 3, with 1 singing.
Blackbirds - both Redwings & Grackles common at Sharon Woods, but rare at
Blendon. Cowbirds only at Sharon Woods

Oddly, no kinglets or thrashers at either spot, but that's sure to change


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