Date: 2/13/20 8:14 pm
From: Karl Schneck <keschneckdds...>
Subject: [RV Birds] You might be a bird nerd if you have ever...

1. Jumped up while your spouse was talking to you and ran for your bins
when an interesting bird flew by the window

2. You were birding while having an MRI

I'm guilty of both. I had an MRI this morning and while I was in the tube I
could see over my head with a mirror the technician placed (I think it was
to look at a relaxing picture on the wall). I'll bet they didn't know I
could also see outside through a small window that opened up to a pine tree
outside. There were a lot of birds flitting around in the pine but I
couldn't put an ID on any of them more than a couple of guesses based on
size, shape, and behavior. Made my bird nerd day!

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