Date: 2/13/20 7:26 pm
From: Charles Patterson <chaspatt...>
Subject: Re: [MASSBIRD] FOS Redwings Blackbirds
We have a few RBBs most of the winter but they are nearly all female. 
We know spring is in the air when the males show up and two days ago the
first two males were under the feeder.  Puxatawny Phil may be right.

Charlie Patterson

Norwell, Ma


On 2/13/2020 2:33 PM, Barbara Volkle wrote:
> Thanks to Tom Collins for this report.
> Barbara Volkle
> Northborough, MA
> <barb620...>
> *
> From: Frederick Collins <tcbirder44...>
> Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2020 14:02:59 -0500
> Subject: FOS Redwings Black birds
> Ten Redwing blackbirds arrive at our feeding station at about 10am today.
> About average date for here in the Berkshires. Think spring!
> Tom Collins
> Pittsfield,Ma.
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