Date: 2/13/20 5:47 pm
From: Shawn Wainwright <shawneagleeyes1...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Some fun for the Great Backyard Bird Count for Ocean County
For those of you birding in Ocean County from the 14th to the 17th.
Thought we would have a little fun again with the GBBC coming up. Let's see
how many species we can find within these 4 days!
I made a list of the most possible species to be seen here:
When the birds are found, i will update the list with the date and who
found it 1st. I'll be looking at the ebird checklists for the earliest
loggers, if you don't use ebird send me your list in a message with the
time and date. Check the list on Friday night as that is when i will start
adding the birds seen so everyone has time to get their lists posted.
If you are not familiar with this event or ebird, here are some
instructions on it:
Last year's event was great with 114 species seen!
Check out last year's list here:
So let's see how many species we can find! Good luck everyone! Oh and just
so everyone knows, you can bird anywhere you like in Ocean County, it
doesn't have to be in your backyard.

Good birding,
Shawn Wainwright

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