Date: 2/13/20 5:13 pm
From: Bob Reiling <rreiling2...>
Subject: [southbaybirds] Continuing Lesser Black-backed Gull
Shortly after 9 AM this morning (2/13) I saw and was able to photograph the first year LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL that has been seen recently in Ogier Ponds (the first pond North of the old, unusable entrance road). See the attached photo. I accessed this pond located in Morgan Hill, via the Coyote Creek Trail from the back entrance to the Coyote Creek Golf Course. It takes 40 minutes to an hour to walk from there to the pond, depending on how much birding one does along the way. I would recommend that once you have crossed the bridge that you take the unpaved path toward the South and walk the dikes to the pond of interest. It is possible but I've never accessed this pond via the Coyote Creek Trail from the South.
There were several thousand Gulls in this pond and they all flew to the dump Southeast of the pond at 10:45, Other birds of note were a pair of COMMON GOLDENEYE (M & F) , a pair of HOODED MERGANSERS (M & F), several (4 to 5) CALIFORNIA THRASHERS, a male CINNAMON TEAL, a few LESSER SCAUP, and perhaps a hundred AMERICAN ROBINS.
Take care,
Bob Reiling

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