Date: 2/13/20 2:13 pm
From: Florence Sanchez via Groups.Io <sanchezucsb11=<>
Subject: [sbcobirding] La cumbre Peak area; Lake Jocelyn
This morning I went up to the La Cumbre Peak area to see if anything had improved since a month ago.  Answer: Not much!  Bird activity is still low at both the Peak and the large communications station to the west.    
One exception:  The latter location had a small group of Finches (6: 5 female type and one male) that could have been either Cassin's or Purple on first view.  After hearing multiple calls and watching them in several different places around the Communications station, I felt they had to be Purple, based on the calls, the heavy streaking on the sides of the females, the stronger face pattern on the females, and the heavy bill. The male had a plain breast with no streaking on the sides.  I never was able to view the hind neck on the male.  
There also was a lot of activity from a pair of Flickers at the station--they might be going to nest here as they have done in some past years.  The Peak had nothing of note to report, not even a Steller's Jay.  I checked the spot east of the Peak where I found a Townsend's Solitaire in early January, but there was no sign of one today.
With the morning finished fairly early, I went to Lake Jocelyn after I got down form the mountain.  The two white Geese Larry Ballard reported are still there.  I didn't have my scope today, but when I arrived I was able to get fairly close to where the Geese were and have a good look at them before they swam over to the far side of the pond.   One is a little bit larger than the other. The smaller one seemed to check all the boxes for Ross's Goose.  The other goose has a little longer neck and a heavier bill with perhaps a suggestion of a grin line, but the differences are very slight.  I suspect both may be Ross's but other opinions would be welcome.
Florence Sanchez 

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