Date: 2/13/20 1:32 pm
From: Robert Penner <rpenner...>
Subject: Two New Shorebird Conservation Initiatives
I am excited to let you know that there are two new shorebird initiatives starting up here in Kansas in 2020. One is the Flint Hills Shorebird Conservation Initiative and the second is the Kansas Shorebird Telemetry Project. The Flint Hills initiative hopes to Increase public and local stakeholders support for the conservation of the Flint Hills prairies and it’s wildlife (especially shorebirds), and the grazing culture. Improve knowledge about shorebird abundance, seasonality, and habitat use to inform conservation and management strategies. Improve shorebird habitat management and stakeholder coordination in the Flint Hills Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network Landscape. Support programs that provide economic sustainability to land managers and owners committed to managing lands for shorebirds and other wildlife. The shorebird telemetry project will install two low height towers, one on the Nature Conservancy maintenance building and the other on the picnic shelter at the Kansas Wetland Education Center. Data collected will help refine the estimated shorebirds’ length of stay. Length of stay is a critical piece of information for interpreting counts at migration stopover sites. Establishing baseline lengths of stay at important stopovers such as Cheyenne Bottoms is critical information. Assist with identification of connectivity between key migratory stopovers for shorebirds. Because shorebirds rely on a restricted network of stopover and staging sites, perhaps more so than any other avian taxa, understanding the connections between sites is of critical management importance. Support development of the Mid-Continent Shorebird Conservation Initiative through contribution of data. With updated site-specific information, we will be able to contribute in a more robust way to the development of international conservation plans and initiatives. Additional benefits will include supporting one to the largest migratory conservation and research initiatives in the world. Access to visualizations of animal movement data collected from our site and other sites. Opportunities to utilize the systems to collaborate or participate on local or broad research and monitoring projects; this could include the development of research projects with local universities. Opportunity for outreach and education with the Kansas Wetlands Education Center
I will be giving couple of programs at some upcoming events and hope to be invited to give programs on either of these topics.

Robert L. Penner II Ph.D. The Nature Conservancy
Cheyenne Bottoms & Avian 593 NE 130 Avenue
Programs Manager Ellinwood, KS 67526

Chair, WHSRN-USA Committee
WHSRN Hemispheric Council
U.S. Shorebird Conservation Partnership Council

(620) 786-4745


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