Date: 2/13/20 10:06 am
From: Jeffrey Fengler via CTBirds <ctbirds...>
Subject: [CT Birds] Update of 2/11 Stratford Coast Highlights- Frash Pond
After further review online and elsewhere, I have determined that the dark brown colored duck with the Canvasbacks was a hen Lesser Scaup. I could find no instances of a Canvasback being that dark in coloration at any age. If the bird had untucked its head while I was viewing it, the ID would of been easier. The bird was keeping to the outer fringes of the flock. I'm going with Lesser Scaup due to the habitat: fresh/brackish inland pond, which is much less likely to host a Greater Scaup.
>Stopped at a few Stratford coastal hotspots this afternoon in the rain, scoping from the car. A few of the highlights follow:
>Long Beach- about 80 or so Long-tailed Ducks offshore calling and displaying. Always enjoy watching them :-)
>Frash Pond- 12 Canvasback, including a very dark plumaged juvenile individual: dark chocolate brown overall, with a darker head. Also, >there are now 2 Ruddy Ducks, associating with the Canvasbacks. 1 drake Green-winged Teal along the far shore amongst the reeds.
>Short Beach- 42 Gadwall and 4 American Wigeon in marsh on north end of park. 4 Savannah Sparrow along park road bordering old >landfill.
>Birdseye Boatramp- 3 American Coot and 1 hen Green-winged Teal in spillway channel.
>Full lists posted on ebird.
Jeff Fengler
Vernon CT
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