Date: 2/13/20 8:13 am
From: Spence Stehno <pensacola634...>
Subject: [wisb] Where to Find European Goldfinches?
There had been a bird seed store (The Nest) in Kenosha that had quite a
feeder system outside in back that brought in the European Goldfinches that
had been surviving in that area in the wonderful Wisconsin winters. Quite
a sight to see!
Since the store closed last year, might anyone have a regular location
where they are appearing around Kenosha or elsewhere? I was hoping that
the "flock" found another good feeder system in the area, and someone was
aware of it.
I had a good reply from a Racine birder that Pike River pathway, and Racine
County Fairgrounds have had some, but these are few and far between. A
couple seasons ago there was one at a feeder in the Waukesha Kettle Moraine
by Emma F. Carlin trail
I know the bird's an escapee or release that survived their release, but it
is sure a pretty bird.
Thanks for any tips!
Spence Stehno, Waukesha.

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