Date: 2/13/20 7:29 am
From: Charles Williams <chazbizz91...>
Subject: [LABIRD-L] AWOL blackbirds
Back Monday from a two-week trip, I expected to find my daily blackbird
flocks had arrived here in Comite Hills, EBR Parish. But this is not the
case. There were no blackbirds of any species until this morning when I
found five rusty blackbirds mixing with a small group of robins on a nearby
lawn. Usually by this point in the winter, I would have a single species
or more often mixed flock of 100+ on a daily basis (rusties, redwings, and
grackles in that order of prominence). I assume this is probably just one
of those inexplicable deviations in birds' preferences and movement, but
the change is surprising enough that I wondered if other birders are also
noting a reduction in the numbers of wintering rusties.

Charles Williams
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