Date: 2/7/20 5:00 pm
From: Mark Holmgren <maholmgren33...>
Subject: [sbcobirding] Foxen Cyn, Alisos Cyn, and Armour Ranch Rd
Joan Lentz and I went looking for upland Bald Eagles that have been seen
along Foxen Cyn Road. We didn't see them. But we had a nice array of
raptors on Foxen Cyn Rd between its junction with Alisos Cyn Rd and Tres
Hermanas Winery. We scoped this area from one spot only: 34.78460
-120.16831. 2 Ferruginous Hawks (one was a dark morph), 1 Prairie Falcon,
a Harrier, and 10 Red-tails were present.
Not much on Alisos Cyn Rd.
On Foxen Cyn Rd about 1 mile south of its junction with Zaca Station Rd we
birded the top of the high point on the road. Here we had 14 Red-tails and
no other raptors.
Noteworthy was that we had more Western Meadowlarks along Armour Ranch than
at all the other places combined. We birded that area quickly.
Our results are on eBird. The checklists for everybody's eBirding in Santa
Barbara County for the last week can be found here:

Mark Holmgren
San Marcos Pass

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