Date: 1/31/20 7:27 am
From: David Levasheff <levaweb...>
Subject: [sbcobirding] White Geese yesterday
So I was going to re-find the Kittiwake yesterday early only to receive
John C's sad email. I went to look anyway at the bridge with only my
bins. this was around 7:30am. I noted a good size group of Canada type
geese over in the area of the long bridge and saw three white geese with
them, too far to ID. I decided to go look for the Burrowing Owl and
started back to my car toget my scope. Along the way the 3 white geese
took flight and headed SSE over Devereux School. Once over the field
beyond the school they turned right and headed west along the shore (as
well as I could tell from Venoco Road) till out of sight. I assumed up
to the Sand Piper pond area of something. Got my scope and headed back
up the road, took a close look at the Kittiwake and quick scan of NCOS
water. There I did see 1 or 2 Pintail, and 3 white geese! Did they loop
back around on me un-noticed or are there 6. I don't know but keep your
eyes out.



David Levasheff
Santa Barbara

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