Date: 1/23/20 6:15 pm
From: m b via VA-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: [VA-bird] Virginia destroyed nesting site for 25, 000 endangered terns - update
Sadly, those people who have written in as suggested are receiving shameful responses from the Governor's office - specifically the transportation people on whom he pawned it off. But written on letterhead from the office of the governor. The letter says that birds (for their own sake, not because they cause a problem for the highway) should not be nesting on a man-made highway island. It is not the best situation for the birds. Says the Governor's lackeys. Notwithstanding they have been there 30 years, notwithstanding that, like peregrines nesting on a skyscraper instead of a cliff, they are making do with what they have, and notwithstanding that 25,000 of them will soon arrive with nowhere to nest. They still insist they will not do a thing to improve the island (which they paved over without required permits,) and will remove eggs and nests and birds that try to nest there. In violation of what is left of the migratory bird act. So the people in power do not seem to have a
grasp on reality, or else they do and do not care. But the response is sickening.

Perhaps, many hunters being conservationists, some of the people who peacefully rallied in Richmond Monday will consent to peacefully rally again at South Island, and bring a few dump truck loads of gravel mixed with dirt and weed seeds. And perhaps, take a volunteer shift remaining at South Island through the nesting season.

mb from NoVa
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