Date: 1/23/20 3:21 pm
From: mike <fishinorbirding...>
Subject: Information change to my account
Hi everyone,

In an effort to do way with an old email account,
<m.b.ludewig...>, I have changed my OKbirds email account
to: <fishinorbirding...> and will send all my future reports,
questions, etc from this “name”.

You might get the idea that I also like to fish as much as I like to
watch and (try to) photograph birds. On those beautiful days when
the birds are active, I also know (from experience) that the fish will
be biting; hence the conundrum in my email “name”. I often
“solve” this “problem” by going fishing and bird watching from
the boat – some of my fishin’ buddies have threated to thrown me
off the boat if I don’t pay more attention to the fish.

At any rate, you will continue to receive the same professional, sage,
birding experiences from me as always, such as:

“I think I saw ….”

“It might have been…”

“it had red, green, and blue spots, any ideas ?”

“it’s song sounded like ….”

“the location was near or almost in NE OK”

Well, you get the idea. But, I’m always here for YOU, the
birdwatching community and

It’s not lying, if I think it’s true!

Reporting from Claremore and sometime McGee Creek Lake (SE OK, about 3
miles north of Farris, OK) ---

Assuming I see some birds before the year ends (where are they?)

Mike Ludewig

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