Date: 1/22/20 9:41 pm
From: C. Ryan <cormorantfingers...>
Subject: [NECalBirds] Bohemian Waxwing Eagle Lake
This morning around 1115 I had an adult Bohemian Waxwing from the boat launch at Stones Landing at the NW corner of the lake.

When I rolled up to the boat launch I heard a group of evening grosbeaks, robins, and cedar waxwings. Amongst all the calls I occasionally heard a repeated trill-like call given in little bursts. The calls were similar to the grosbeaks but not as loud nor as varied. They were not high thin or squeaky calls like the robins and cedars. I got on the flock with my scope and as a group of waxwings and grosbeaks flew between trees, I got on a large gray waxwing with obvious dark red undertail coverts and a noticeable white stripe in the wing. The bird was noticeably large and gray in comparison to the yellow and gray grosbeaks with large white wing patches and the warm tones of the plain-winged cedars. I was able to get on the bird within the tree while it was perched with the flock. I noted the same features as I had in flight: large gray waxwing with dark red undertail coverts. Additionally I could see the distinct yellow line running down the primaries and the small white patches in the wing. Within 30 seconds or so several birds flew north to some nearby trees out of site and I could not refind the Bohemian over the next 15 minutes, though I think I occasionally heard it over the grosbeaks.  When I returned to the launch a few hours later the flock was gone and the trees were quiet.

Good birding,
Casey Ryan

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