Date: 1/22/20 3:14 pm
From: Tom Kuehl <tjk.kuehl...>
Subject: Somerset County - Kuehl NW WRS Route - Laurel Ridge/Que Reservoir
Greg and All,

A beautiful sunny day for this 10th Running of our Northwestern Somerset
County WRS Route. The route is in the valley east of Laurel Ridge and
includes a pass by North Fork and Quemahoning Reservoirs - always north of
Route 30. The total Raptor Tally of 15 was right on the 9-year average.

County - Somerset

Date - January 22, 2020

Observers- Tom & Janet Kuehl

Total time Hours: 3 Minutes: 10

Start time = 10:55am / End time = 2:05pm

Miles on route = 50.0

Harriers Total = 2 Adult Female = 1 and Adult Male = 1 (A good bit of
appropriate habitat, however these are our first Harriers on this route).

Red-tails (age optional) Total = 11 (Adult = 3 ND = 8) - average is 12.5

Cooper's = 2 (both Adults) - average is .56

Other? There was some open water at the Que. Mainly Canada Geese, although
among just the dozen or so ducks we did ID were Common Merganser, Hooded
Merganser, Ruddy Duck and Bufflehead seen. We certainly may have missed
species as we just took hurried bin looks.

For those that know the area around the Que - no Horned Larks in the Lemon
Road area, it was however where we saw the female Northern Harrier.

Avg Temp.- 25F


Wind - Light

Avg Snow cover depth - 2 inches

Tom Kuehl

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