Date: 1/22/20 3:01 pm
From: Carol Del-Colle <wvnaturalist...>
Subject: Hermit Thrush (FOY)- Yard- Summit Point
As I took a walk around the yard last evening, I found a Hermit Thrush in the back woods area eating from one of the vines there. I got some good looks before he flew back into the fence line bordering the field. This was my first sighting of this thrush for this year Then very nicely, I got to see him again on my way back as he moved from the woods to the stream for a drink.
That morning, I had been treated to good views of a juvenile Sharp-shinned Hawk when it flew in, clearing out any birds that had been around the feeders and water sources. It stayed sitting in a tree near the back of the house in plain sight for a good 10 minutes or so. Of course it was the only bird that could be seen during that time. This too was a new bird in the yard for this year.
Away from the house later that day, stopping at the Boliver 7-11, I heard and saw 3 Fish Crows fly over the parking lot. They were quite noisy seemingly enjoying each other's company. Their distinctive call quickly got my attention, having not heard or seen a Fish Crow for some time. Another first of the year bird. It was a very good day, indeed;
Happy birding,
Carol Del-Colle
Summit Point
Jefferson County
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