Date: 1/22/20 2:24 pm
From: Frank Vanslager via Groups.Io <Vanslagerf=<>
Subject: [southbaybirds] A Note About the Ogier Ponds on 1/22/2020

This morning I decided to do a short checkout of the washed-out old entrance to Ogier Ponds.  It's just as it was on April 9, 2017 for Rich Page's cancelled field trip: someone had folded back a section of the chain-linked fence for fishermen, dog-trainers, bicyclists, hikers, etc to visit the ponds to the north.  On that day I went to visit a few ponds, and was rewarded with an American Bittern -- but nobody else ever showed up.  (There's another entrance point at Ogier Ave, but I have no idea what's legal -- and don't really want to know.)

Today I picked up a couple of year-birds, but the interesting sightings, for me, were an immature Bald Eagle, and a galloping Bobcat.  (I'm assuming that everyone has something like Windows Photo Gallery to enlarge the pictures I post.)
Frank Vanslager

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