Date: 1/22/20 10:27 am
From: Jennifer Miller <foundnatureblog...>
Subject: Re: [AZNMbirds] CNM: Sandia Crest House / Rosy Finches - No Sightings, Just RFI
We went this past December and I never could get anyone to answer the phone or respond via email. I also never got a response back from the Rio Grande people who may or may not still band birds there on Sundays. I finally just took my chances on a Sat. We heard from others that they did not open the doors until after 12pm that day. There was snow, but the road was clear. On the plus side, we did get to see all 3 species, but it took the entire afternoon. One feeder is on the back deck (right side and not visible from the road) and another is on the left side of the building (from the parking lot) and you should be able see it from one of the parking areas or walk to it. They both had seed in them. While we were there, the finches only visited the feeder on the back deck and, except for twice when they stayed for a few minutes, most of the time they landed in the trees for about 30 seconds and then we had to wait another 30-40 min for them to come back. The black and gray-crowned were fairly easy to pick out, but the brown were much harder and fewer in number. It would be good to find out about the current road conditions because there were signs about using chains and the road being closed before you could reach the Sandia crest house if conditions warranted. Hope this helps and good luck!


Jennifer Miller
Lubbock, TX

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> On Jan 22, 2020, at 10:16 AM, Shawn Miller <608shawnmiller...> wrote:
> Hello all.
> I am planning to travel to Albuquerque next weekend to look for all three species of Rosy-Finches.
> Archived emails from this list say that the Sandia Crest House if the best (only?) place to observe them, perhaps in all of North America.
> There have not been many recent emails on this topic, so I have a few questions:
> Generally, is this still a good spot to try for them?
> Are they still only open on the weekends? (or at all?)
> Are they still filling the feeders? (saw an old random comment online from 2017 that said maybe they had stopped doing that per regulation?)
> Are the feeders visible from the road/parking area, or do I need to wait for the official "open hours" to get onto the deck as some old posts mention?
> Current (or general) road conditions this time of year? (I will have a small SUV rental)
> Etc.
> Any information or advice would be appreciated.
> Thanks in advance...
> --Shawn Miller
> Madison, WI
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