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Brush, et al.,

At the TOS meeting I said the Mountain Plover was a new county record for Burleson. After I got home I checked my database. I was wrong, it is the second record. The first record for Burleson was 27 Dec 2011, photographed and deposited as TPRF#3061. There are two other records for the Central Brazos Valley, one of which I mentioned at the meeting. That was in Lee County 14 Dec 2000. There is also one record for Washington County, 31 Mar 2001.

Justin is correct on which counties are included in the Central Brazos Valley. We sometimes include Waller County, or at least the northwestern portion of the county. There are four Waller records, but I think they were more in the coastal prairies portion of the county.

Bert Frenz

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Interesting that is a first for Burleson given the numbers found over the years in Bastrop , Travis, Williamson etc. What are the 10 counties in that checklist? I am familiar with the TPWD " Oaks and Prairies and Osage Plains of Texas" (I wrote it :-)

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Hi Byron and Texbirds,

I would assume Dr. Arnold already replied to your message. The Say's Phoebe was in southern Brazos County, on private land.

Also, quite incredibly, a Mountain Plover has been present at the Horizon Turf Farm in Burleson County since 17 January. It is the first record for the county and only the 2nd for the Oaks and Prairies, 10-county checklist area. Great bird!

Best birding,

Justin Bosler

Austin, Texas

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Say's Phoebe - which county? There have been several in McLennan County, including photos by me.

Bryan Stone

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Great excitement with the discovery of a Say's Phoebe on the Moore f arm last Friday on a TOS field trip. We thought it to be the first documented record for the county. Today, will perusing my downloads, I found a single image of a Say's Phoebe taken at Allen Farm in 29 December 2011 by Brian Tarbox.
Keith Arnold


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