Date: 1/20/20 1:52 pm
From: Matthew Jung <mpjung5125...>
Subject: Birding in OKC & vicinity today
Drove around Lake Overholser and I found 30 (by count) AW Pelicans, a mixed
flock of several hundred RG Gulls, DC Cormorants and ducks - mostly scaup
type and a few Mallards.

At Rose Lake were about 80 Gadwall and Northern Shovelers combined, one RT
Hawk plus a single GB Heron. The playas one mile west on Yukon Parkway held
~40 Mallards; last Saturday a flock of GWF Geese flew in on the west side.

NW 50th between Sara Rd. and County Line Rd. was void of birds.

At Lake Hefner's Prairie Dog Point were many Horned and PB Grebe and A.
Coot (found all over the lake). Ducks I saw: 2 diving Common Goldeneye
females, Mallards, Northern Pintails, Ring-necked Ducks (by count 28),
Bufflehead, Gadwall - failed to see the Common Merganser pair. I heard a
Northern Flicker and saw the Belted Kingfisher and about 50 DV Cormorants.
Finally had a Bonaparte's Gull on the north side and 2 WT Deer were grazing
on the dike between the north holding ponds. At the gull roost off Britton
Rd. were RB Gulls and Rock Doves. At Stars & Stripes Park were Canada
Geese, more RB Gulls, Mallards, lots of Rock Doves and domestic fowl.

Matt Jung, OKC

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