Date: 1/14/20 8:23 pm
From: Kenneth Kinman <kinman...>
Subject: Vultures (too much of a good thing?)
Hi All,
We all know that vultures provide a valuable service in cleaning the environment of dead animal corpses. However, vultures (black vultures in particular) are becoming an increasing problem as their populations expand northward. A recent case was reported a few days ago by the New York Times and many other news outlets about large numbers of vultures on a radio tower in Texas (probably mostly black vultures).
Although Black vultures have probably been creating problems for the turkey vultures for a very long time, the problem is getting so bad that humans are increasingly being affected. And the radio tower in Texas used to be populated by various bird species, but now the vultures are driving them away. Too much of a good thing (which turkey vultures did well, but black vultures seem to be far more trouble than their worth).
Below is a weblink to a recent New York Times article on the problem of large numbers of vultures. And the second weblink about black vultures in particular.
----------------Ken Kinman (Hays, Kansas)

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