Date: 1/14/20 1:25 pm
From: Kristie Nelson <storm_petrel...>
Subject: ESbirds: north Mono Co. scrub jays
Greetings all,

I'm sure most of you have noticed the Pinyon Pines are having a big cone year in our region.
Probably related to this I've been noticing for some time (since fall or so) large numbers of scrub-jays in the Antelope Valley area of North Mono County. A drive down Eastside lane outside Walker and they are atop trees and powerlines in higher concentrations than I can recall seeing in a long time.

They are outwardly like California Scrub-jay - especially in behavior. But not 100% CA scrub-jay either. Blue undertail, fairly gray underneath. Bills variable but not quite as hefty as a good clean California SJ. I'm guessing these are extending south from the Pine Nut Mt region to the north - like Topaz Ranch Estates, for example, is a good place to see birds like this. It's usually not hard to find both bright white/blue birds with white undertail (CASJ) and gray/duller birds with blue undertail (WOSJ) in the same area. Fun to ponder and work through.


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