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Labird: As charter member of LABIRD, experience has shown me that if we just keep the discussion going we eventually draw out the educators and get educated!
So the answer is that this was a mistake from the 1850's still being made, discussed and corrected in 2020. How cool.
One of the varietal names is easier: 'Tequila'.
Glad you asked Iron Nan!
(Regardless of spelling 'Tequila' doesn't survive the winter for me in Caddo Parish. I've tried it several times.)
Paul Dickson

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From Steve Darwin, a consummate botanist:

According to the International Plant Name Index, Salvia gesneriiflora Lindley & Paxton, published in 1851, is the correct name. Salvia gesneriifolia, published by Lemaire one year later, was a spelling mistake. This makes sense: the flowers ("flora") of this salvia resemble those of Gesneria, the leaves (folia) not so much.

Interestingly, the spelling originally used by Lindley and Paxton was gesneraeflora, which, under Article 60 of the INTERNATIONAL CODE OF NOMENCLATURE FOR ALGAE, FUNGI, AND PLANTS, is considered to be a word-compounding error. Example given under Article 60: " ... the use of the genitive singular case ending of Latin first-declension nouns instead of a connecting vowel is treated as an error to be corrected ... The epithet of Pereskia ‘opuntiaeflora’ DC. (in Mém. Mus. Hist. Nat. 17: 76. 1828) is to be spelled opuntiiflora, and that of Myrosma ‘cannaefolia’ L. f. (Suppl. Pl. 80. 1782), cannifolia."
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