Date: 1/14/20 1:01 pm
From: Paul Sullivan <paultsullivan...>
Subject: [obol] A plea
If you are a birder who keeps lists, but hasn't sent in Listing Results for
the OBA website for some time, I'd like to make a pitch to you.

I don't see Listing Results as being about vanity, or competition, or
proving one's worth. I see them as simply reporting facts. "I've seen X
number of species in area Y." If you're kept track, why not tell others?
It completes the public record.

What if the statistics of various figures in professional sports were
truncated five or ten years before their careers ended? What if Willie
Mays' numbers ended in 1963 instead of 1973? Fortunately that doesn't
happen in professional sports because they have an army of statisticians
keeping track of all kinds of data.

Birding has a self-reporting system.

I can't make anyone report. If you have serious reasons for not reporting,
I respect your choice. All I can offer is a reason to consider when making
that choice. Let the numbers associated with your name reflect current
reality, not some outdated tally.

I'd like to hear from you. Join us.

Paul Sullivan

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