Date: 1/14/20 11:48 am
From: James MacDougall <jm3...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Halibut Point

Nice weather at Halibut Point this morning, wind light out of the NE, calm sea and tide rising.

I met Jim McCoy out on the rocks and he proceeded to show me a dovekie flying by and a couple of flocks of large alcids flying east out about 1/4 mile offshore. Most were Common murres with a few Razorbills in smaller groups. Over the course of an hour we saw about 70-90 alcids. 3 Razorbirds were sitting on the water directly out from the shoreline at about 300 yards, actively diving.

Other sea birds, Harlequin ducks, Black scoters, Long-tailed ducks, Red-throated loons, Common loons.

A flock of Yellow-rumped warblers in the heath by the exposed rocks.

I did take a walk around the quarry and found another group of YR warblers with a couple of Chickadees feeding on poison ivy. They were accompanied by the Townsend Solitaire. This was on the oceanside of the trail between the Overlook trail and the Bayview trail.

Other land birds included a Pileated woodpecker, Hairy woodpecker, and a Gray Catbird behind the Gott House next to the main entrance.

Jim MacDougall

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