Date: 1/14/20 8:55 am
From: Miriam Lawrence <mirslamlawrence...>
Subject: Re: [VTBIRD] Giant Thanks to Maeve Kim for Information on Niger Seed
A few years ago, I bought some Lyric seed at Guy's (not niger specifically
- I generally love Lyric's blends, they are higher quality than almost any
other brand and most don't contain millet, which I studiously avoid to keep
the House Sparrows away) that turned out to be moldy and have little tiny
moths flying around in it.

When I looked at the expiration date on it (which you'll find embossed on
the bottom seam of every bag, I discovered it was more than a year
expired. I took it back. They blamed their distributor. But I did get an

After that, I always made sure to check the dates on bags of seed before
purchasing. I hate to say the issue never not get fully resolved - I
continued to find expired seed on their shelves. It's now been a couple of
years since I've bought birdseed there, and it's certainly possible they've
addressed the problem since then, but caveat emptor.

All of this is to say that you should check the date on your niger bag.
It's possible the seed was old and went bad. The birds absolutely know the

Miriam Lawrence

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> I hate to be the outlier here, but my feeder is full of Lyric niger that
> I bought at Guy's in November, and the birds aren't touching it. Maybe
> just a bad batch?Liz LeeHinesburgSent from my Galaxy TabĀ® A
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> <moosewoman...> Date: 1/13/20 11:32 AM (GMT-05:00) To:
> <VTBIRD...> Subject: [VTBIRD] Giant Thanks to Maeve Kim for
> Information on Niger Seed I want to send a public giant thank you to Maeve
> Kim for posting some extremely useful information on feeding Niger or
> Thistle seed. If you missed it, Maeve explained that Niger is heat treated
> to prevent the seed from growing thistle in yards and gardens, but if
> treated with too much heat, the seed becomes unappealing to the birds.
> Maeve suggested that one company, Lyric, sold seed that remained palatable
> to the birds. (I believe the implication was the overheating also deprived
> the seed of nutritional value, and that the birds knew that...) I had full
> Niger seed feeders that flocks of American Goldfinches had been ignoring
> all season. I switched brands and got some Lyric brand Niger seed and now
> my Goldfinches are happily chowing down. Thank you Maeve. Jeannie Elias Mad
> Birders Fayston, VT

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