Date: 1/14/20 7:18 am
From: Tommy Goodwin <tjgbp7...>
Subject: Re: Spotted Towhee at Busch
I relocated the Spotted Towhee at Busch this morning at apx.
38.709021,-90.758847. I also had a second spotted towhee (distinctly
different spotting pattern) in the same area as well as what I am calling a
female indigo bunting. My checklist with nearly exact locations of the
birds is at:

Tommy Goodwin
St. Charles

On Mon, Jan 13, 2020, 6:24 PM William Rowe <rowemb45...> wrote:

> This morning Tom Parmeter and I found a male Spotted Towhee along with two
> Easterns at Busch.
> To look for it, enter Busch, and at the T, go left, past the Hampton Lake
> parking lot and on until the pavement turns to gravel and there is a fork
> in the road. Take the left fork and go over the rise and a short way down
> the long slope. The area on the right is rather open (between the road and
> some large trees) but full of brushpiles and bushes. There were lots of
> sparrows in there, plus towhees of both species. There is no telling where
> the Spotted Towhee might be at any given time, but it is likely to still be
> around in there somewhere. You can park and go in and poke around a while.
> We saw it only briefly, and it wouldn't stay put while I went back for my
> camera. If you have an app with vocalizations, listen to the call; I didn't
> hear this one call, but sometimes they do. It's a harsh whine, upslurred or
> up and down, quite different from an Eastern.
> Hope these directions make sense and produce results.
> Bill Rowe
> St. Louis
> <rowemb45...>
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