Date: 1/14/20 5:31 am
From: Doug Wood <chingwe1755...>
Subject: Re: WV-BIRD Digest - 12 Jan 2020 to 13 Jan 2020 (#2020-13)
Observation date: Jan. 11, 2020
Observers: Doug Wood and Dianne Anestis

During the southern WV eagle survey, we saw a roosting flock of
approximately 40 black vultures beside WV-3 and Greenbrier River a short
distance upstream of Barnettown and below Griffith Creek . All birds had
their wings spread when we passed by going upstream, and then an hour and a
half later they had their wings closed as we passed by heading downstream.
Vultures were on both sides of the river at this roost and many were at eye
level. During our travel along the river we saw many Canada Geese, a few
Common Mergansers, and a very few Hooded Mergansers.
Later that night, as we drove along Lowell Road between Kellys Ck. and Wind
Ck. near the Monroe-Summers county line, a red-phase Screech Owl pounced
and captured a small animal on the roadway while in the illumination of our
Doug Wood, Coal Mountain, Putnam Co., WV
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