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Alvaro and a couple of others suggested this was good for female bufflehead. My thought was that the female white patch was thicker and more irregular and that’s why it looked wrong. After they suggested this, I went back into my files and found this bird (also from Las Gatos Creek park back in 2010, which more or less matches this new bird. So I’m agreeing with Alvaro now, that my “weird” bird is a female bufflehead, and while I still think that straight stripe looks weird to me, it’s pretty clearly within conformance for a female bufflehead, and I see it now.  What I think tripped me up was this new bird’s white looks painted on with a ruler and less organic than I expect to see buffleheads, but with some more research, it clearly is a bufflead.

Thanks all!

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Subject: [southbaybirds] Los Gatos Creek Park/Oka Ponds 1/13

I did run into this really weird looking “it’s kinda like a Bufflehead but wrong” bird in the south eastern most pond off Oka Lane. I pass it along for your amusement and thoughts; to me, while I hesitate to yell HYBRID early in the ID phase, really seems like Bufflehead X something (maybe mallard?). Bird seemed more coot sized than bufflehead sized, bigger than a bufflehead by a bit.

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