Date: 1/13/20 1:25 pm
From: Ken Copenhaver <copenhvr...>
Subject: Re: [VTBIRD] Using eBird
Michael, In response to your second question, I've come up with a
semi-consistent naming convention that works for me. If I'm birding at a
hotspot, I choose the hotspot location, of course. When I create a
personal location, I name it with the town and state followed by the
address or some other description. For example, Fairfax VT-Back Yard or St
Albans VT-Taylor Park. In retrospect, it might have made more sense to
have the state first (VT Fairfax-Back Yard). Or if you plan to do a lot of
international birding, maybe US VT Fairfax-Back Yard would be even better.
As mentioned previously, this is for your personal use and makes no
difference to eBird.

--Ken Copenhaver, Fairfax

On Mon, Jan 13, 2020 at 1:43 PM Gmail okra <ihateokra88...> wrote:

> Thanks Rich and Kent! That clears up everything and assures me that I’m
> not ignoring some important element of eBird.
> Michael R. Haas, VMD, MS
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> “If you keep doing what you’ve always done then you’ll keep getting what
> you’ve always gotten.”
> > On Jan 13, 2020, at 12:35 PM, Rich Kelley <rich...> wrote:
> >
> > Hi Michael & others,
> >
> > I am by no means an expert and maybe Kent or Nathaniel will weigh in at
> some point, but here's my understanding:
> >
> > The Trip feature is specific for the app, and is really only for your
> personal info, there's nothing sent to eBird with it. It's just a way to
> compile checklists for a certain time period. I've used it in the past for
> Christmas Bird counts, where I might have 10-12 checklists for the day, but
> can look at the Trips list to get total numbers. As far as I know, the
> eBird app only syncs one-way for the most part. So lists created with the
> app show up on the desktop site, but not the other way around. And if you
> use two mobile devices, lists created on one won't show up on the other,
> but both with go to the desktop version.
> >
> > I 'think' that locations are the exception to info that syncs to the
> app... once you create a person location, it's available to you on the main
> site and on the mobile app.
> >
> > For your question on locations, I don't think the names you choose
> really matter to eBird. If you're creating a personal location, you can
> call it whatever you want that makes sense to you. Anyone using the data
> for scientific purposes will get the lat/long of whatever your location
> is.
> >
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> > Subject: [VTBIRD] Using eBird
> >
> > I’ve been using Cornell’s eBird program for four and a half years. As a
> kind of New Years resolution I decided to try to up my game a bit in its
> use in 2020. I kind of organized my data, reviewed stuff, etc. this
> weekend – an inclement weather distraction.
> >
> > Out of this, two questions arose and I wonder if anyone would be willing
> to throw in their two cents:
> >
> > 1. How do you use the “Trips” feature. In all my years I have only
> about four trips listed. What’s more peculiar is that the trips I have
> listed on my iPhone don’t match the trips on my ipad. And, I can find no
> reference to any trips on the laptop (i.e., online) version of ebird. When
> I get out for a birding adventure I generally just start a new checklist
> and start recording; I don’t really even look at “Trips”. When I reviewed
> things this weekend I realized that I’m really not utilizing this feature.
> I took Cornell’s free course on how to use eBird – if the Trips feature was
> mentioned, I somehow missed it.
> >
> > 2. Does anyone have a systematic way for naming locations? I use the
> lat/long provided by the app, then append some name that is reasonable to
> me. If I am at a hotspot or personal location I just use that. Most of
> the time, because of poor cell service, I can’t specify the location at
> the time of creating the checklist so I have to start an offline list and
> name it later.
> >
> > Happy winter birding to all! 😊
> >
> >
> > Michael R. Haas, VMD, MS
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> > “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what
> you’ve always gotten.”
> >
> > - Some wise person
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