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Several years ago I found a pair building a nest under the loose bark of a dead sapling. The birds would enter the nest site from one place and then pop out and fly off from another spot. I notified a friend, Mark Paul, who was documenting N.A. birds and making DVD's. He came the next day and got some footage of the creepers bringing nesting material. Then her returned about a week later to film again. Regardless of letting his camera record for an extended period of time, he did not see any activity. When he told me this, I decided to check it out myself. I did not see any creepers either and a few days later, the loose bark fell from the tree. I believe those birds determined the bark was not stable enough and so they abandoned the site. Birds never cease to amaze me!


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Brown Creepers build their nests under loose bark, so yes, they are indeed fond of such trees. For feeding purposes, however, they will explore many different kinds of trees with bark, loose or not.

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> Years ago when I lived in one of the western MA hilltowns I often had Brown Creepers in/on the two Sugar Maples just outside my barn. I would hear and then see them as I went about my morning chores. It isn’t as likely for me to hear and see them where I now live as the wood edges are quite a distance from the yard. I recently read that they are particularly fond of trees that have loose bark. I immediately thought about the Shagbark Hickory and wonder if anyone has noted them on a particular variety of tree?
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