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Hi Michael & others,

I am by no means an expert and maybe Kent or Nathaniel will weigh in at some point, but here's my understanding:

The Trip feature is specific for the app, and is really only for your personal info, there's nothing sent to eBird with it. It's just a way to compile checklists for a certain time period. I've used it in the past for Christmas Bird counts, where I might have 10-12 checklists for the day, but can look at the Trips list to get total numbers. As far as I know, the eBird app only syncs one-way for the most part. So lists created with the app show up on the desktop site, but not the other way around. And if you use two mobile devices, lists created on one won't show up on the other, but both with go to the desktop version.

I 'think' that locations are the exception to info that syncs to the app... once you create a person location, it's available to you on the main site and on the mobile app.

For your question on locations, I don't think the names you choose really matter to eBird. If you're creating a personal location, you can call it whatever you want that makes sense to you. Anyone using the data for scientific purposes will get the lat/long of whatever your location is.

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I’ve been using Cornell’s eBird program for four and a half years. As a kind of New Years resolution I decided to try to up my game a bit in its use in 2020. I kind of organized my data, reviewed stuff, etc. this weekend – an inclement weather distraction.

Out of this, two questions arose and I wonder if anyone would be willing to throw in their two cents:

1. How do you use the “Trips” feature. In all my years I have only about four trips listed. What’s more peculiar is that the trips I have listed on my iPhone don’t match the trips on my ipad. And, I can find no reference to any trips on the laptop (i.e., online) version of ebird. When I get out for a birding adventure I generally just start a new checklist and start recording; I don’t really even look at “Trips”. When I reviewed things this weekend I realized that I’m really not utilizing this feature. I took Cornell’s free course on how to use eBird – if the Trips feature was mentioned, I somehow missed it.

2. Does anyone have a systematic way for naming locations? I use the lat/long provided by the app, then append some name that is reasonable to me. If I am at a hotspot or personal location I just use that. Most of the time, because of poor cell service, I can’t specify the location at the time of creating the checklist so I have to start an offline list and name it later.

Happy winter birding to all! 😊

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