Date: 1/13/20 7:26 am
From: Michael R. Haas <ihateokra88...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Using eBird
I’ve been using Cornell’s eBird program for four and a half years. As a kind of New Years resolution I decided to try to up my game a bit in its use in 2020. I kind of organized my data, reviewed stuff, etc. this weekend – an inclement weather distraction.

Out of this, two questions arose and I wonder if anyone would be willing to throw in their two cents:

1. How do you use the “Trips” feature. In all my years I have only about four trips listed. What’s more peculiar is that the trips I have listed on my iPhone don’t match the trips on my ipad. And, I can find no reference to any trips on the laptop (i.e., online) version of ebird. When I get out for a birding adventure I generally just start a new checklist and start recording; I don’t really even look at “Trips”. When I reviewed things this weekend I realized that I’m really not utilizing this feature. I took Cornell’s free course on how to use eBird – if the Trips feature was mentioned, I somehow missed it.

2. Does anyone have a systematic way for naming locations? I use the lat/long provided by the app, then append some name that is reasonable to me. If I am at a hotspot or personal location I just use that. Most of the time, because of poor cell service, I can’t specify the location at the time of creating the checklist so I have to start an offline list and name it later.

Happy winter birding to all! 😊

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