Date: 1/12/20 8:54 am
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Subject: Re: [VTBIRD] FYI: Lagoon Road HEADS UP!
A follow up to yesterday's post. The police officer could not have been kinder. My point is respect no trespassing signs posted by the new owner and be friendly! Absurd bird nerd's the word!


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Subject: FYI: Lagoon Road HEADS UP!

Good afternoon, Today when leaving Lagoon Road in Hinesburg (after seeing a Kestrel and Rough-legged Hawk), I was stopped by the police. It seems the neighbors called the police when they saw a car drive down Lagoon Road. It was the folks that recently bought the property surrounding the treatment plant. I assured the officer that it is a popular birding spot, especially in the spring and I was just looking for ducks in open water. I mentioned birders have been given permission to bird there, and have been doing so for many years. Of course when I looked for the business card given to me by the manager of the facility, I could not find it, but I remembered his name and after it was checked (as well as my license) I was free to leave. Hopefully it will not be an issue for anyone else and we will be able to continue to enjoy birds there.

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