Date: 1/11/20 2:49 pm
From: Yong Kong <yklitespeed...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] My Black guillemot show from the Barney side
I have no issue with bragging that I am the top dod in ebird and JBird's
best armchair bird watcher that find birding vicariously through others is
such a satisfying experience. Case in point, thank you to all those birders
who posted fantastic photos of the Black Guillemot on social media. This
morning I got too greedy and decided to check out the Black Guillemot in
live action for myself.

My view from the Barney side best I can described the Guillemot is just a
distant piece of sea form in motion in response to wave action. Oh, what
about the hen King Eider ? Oil painting of a seabird on canvas.

As I was setting up the scope with my niece, Jennifer, on the the Barney
side next to many familiar faces, I too had a nostalgia moment watching
bunch of folks on the IBSP side chasing the Guillemot.

This whole Guillemot show reminded me of my last big bash I had with my
cycling club back in the days. One of my non-bike racing friend told me that
my party reminded of her old high school party days. I said what ?
She said just like her high school days, jocks in the house and the freaks
outside. Compare that to Guillemot show, my take was birders on the Barney
side with the scope, and the photographers on the IBSP with big lens.

One very historical moment, there was one more Korean birder out there in NJ
today, my niece, Jennifer. Thanks to all birders who found birds for me so
I could pass onto my niece. Watch out. In 2021 there may be one more

Yong Kong
Camden County

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