Date: 1/11/20 1:18 pm
From: Sandra Keller <000006b65d80f212-dmarc-request...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Forsythe - Ipswich Sparrow survey
Zilch. Has to be the wind....
I stayed in one area - the crossdike - just scanning. I scanned wrack lines.
I pished, I made other noises...... I squeaked. Nothing....... I went around the
dikes twice. No difference for sparrows. I actually had no sparrows around
the wildlife drive. Very strange.

And no Chat along the eco trail. I had yet another Phoebe near Lilly Lake though.
Nice! But I want a new January bird!

Lots of waterfowl species in the east pool mainly at Forsythe. I wasn't scanning
everything. I was trying to find an Ipswich. Or any sparrow my second time

I scanned the close Snow Geese well. No Ross's. One had to be around. Law of

I will be curious as to numbers of Ipswich when we get the final report.
Were they all concentrated somewhere maybe? Like I had 189 Hooded
Mergs just in the experimental pool that I hit after my second loop around.
Wow! That's actually not a high count for me - I have seen over 200 around
Brig before. But thats the whole refuge, not one pool!

No butterflies. Good birding all.

Sandra Keller

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