Date: 1/11/20 12:50 pm
From: Teage O'Connor <badger.meli...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] mystery bird
Last night I hiked up Camel's Hump. Just as we were approaching the summit
(about 9pm), my dog flushed a bird from under the last fir/spruce trees. It
nearly flew into me before veering off course and off into the thick
clouds. While I didn't see exactly where it was roosting, it seemed like it
erupted from the ground (or beneath the snow). The bird was roughly robin
sized and flew with rapid, steady flapping, and it's wings didn't whistle
or thump when it flew. First, how startling to encounter a bird at 4000' in
the winter. And second, what are the possible options for what bird this
would be? There aren't a lot of eBird reports on Camel's Hump for winter.

Teage O'Connor <> |

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