Date: 1/11/20 9:00 am
From: Carol Del-Colle <wvnaturalist...>
Subject: Barred Owl, Ruby-crowned Kinglet (FOY) Yard- Summit Point
I have had two very nice surprises in the yard this week. Last evening a little before 7 as my husband and I returned home from dinner out, we were greeted by a Barred Owl sitting on the grass at the end of our driveway. We sat for a moment looking at this unexpected visitor before he/she decided to fly off toward the back woods, and we lost sight of it. I looked and listen several times during the evening but never heard or saw it again This was the first one for this year. However it was not the first time we have found a barred owl sitting in the yard. On March 23, 2019 at about 9:30PM, we observed one as we looked out our kitchen window. It was on the ground near the pond and then flew up to a nearby tree, where we got some good looks before it took off further back into the woods. That one I did get to hear a few times throughout the night.
My other surprise this week was the sighting of my first of the year Ruby-crowned Kinglet. On Tuesday, I found a male with its ruby crown quite evident as he moved through some trees near the driveway. A Yellow-rumped Warbler was keeping him company, so there was a lot of activity to catch my attention. Neither stayed around long, as they moved on around the front of the house and then off across the street where I lost sight of them. This was the earliest Ruby-crowned in the yard that I have recorded. From 2007 to present, I have listed over 70 sightings of this species in the yard, but only 1 other one in January, which was on January 28th, 2014. So this has been a very interesting week indeed.
Happy birding,
Carol Del-Colle
Summit Point
Jefferson County
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