Date: 1/10/20 4:32 pm
From: DAVID A LEATHERMAN <daleatherman...>
Subject: [cobirds] Southeastern CO birds of late
Highlights of my current visit to the Lamar area since arriving late on January 4th:

Lamar Community College Woods (Prowers)
Northern Cardinal (3, whole visit)
White-breasted Nuthatch (Eastern, the 10th)
Spotted Towhee (1, the 6th)
Carolina Wren (1, the 10th)

Memorial Drive s of Lamar hospital (Prowers)
Eastern Bluebird (1 male, the 5th)

Prowers County roads e of Lamar have good numbers of Ferruginous Hawks and a few Golden Eagles, no Rough-legged Hawks that I could find. Very dry, apparently not a lot of small rodents, p-dogs doing OK.

John Martin Res (Bent)
Common Loon (1, the 6th)
Long-tailed Duck (1 on 6th, 2 on 8th)
Double-crested Cormorant (5 on 8th)
Iceland Gull (Thayer’s) (1 first-winter on 6th)
Glaucous Gull (1 first-winter on 6th)
Lesser Black-backed Gull (1a on both 6th and 8th)
Great Black-backed Gull (1a on 8th)
Merlin (1 prairie male on top of dam)
Bald Eagle (70+ on the 8th)

Hasty Campground/Lake Hasty (Bent)
Killdeer (3, on the 6th)
Northern Shrike (1i, on the 6th)
Loggerhead Shrike (1 on 6th, 2 on 8th)
Spotted Towhee (1 on 8th)
[Could NOT find Winter Wren, Eastern Bluebirds, Rufous-crowned Sparrows, Rock Wren, Curve-billed Thrashers or Canyon Towhees seen during recent CBC).

Carrizo Canyon Picnic Area (Baca, all on 9th)
Ladderbacked Woodpecker (1)
Canyon Towhee (1)
Canyon Wren (1)
Golden-crowned Kinglet (1m)
Sage Thrasher (1)
Spotted Towhee (2)
Mountain Bluebird (15)
Rufous-crowned Sparrow (1)
Bewick’s Wren (1)

Cottonwood Canyon (all Baca except as noted, all on 9th)
Golden-crowned Kinglet (2 in Las Animas)
Ladderbacked Woodpecker (1 in Las Animas)
Spotted Towhee (2)
[Cassin’s Finch?, 1m, 2f or i, flew off before I could confirm, in a cottonwood tree where I have had them before in winter]
Merlin (1 prairie subsp.)
Bald Eagle (1 adult down over creek, surprising location)
American Robin (few thousand!) presumably getting juniper cones, sumac fruits and water
Mountain Bluebird (few hundred!)
Canyon Towhee (1)

Baca CR M west of US 287 (Baca)
Several Lapland Longspurs mixed in with Horned Larks, sometimes perching on wires, on the 9th.
Chihuahuan Raven (9 on 9th)

High Plains Snow Goose Festival fast approaching in early February.

Dave Leatherman
Fort Collins
(currently in Lamar thru about the 15th)

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