Date: 1/9/20 2:56 pm
From: Sandra Keller <000006b65d80f212-dmarc-request...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Glassboro Woods - Winter Wrens and Phoebe
I had wanted to hit Rancocas - one of my favorite spots for Winter Wren,
but I had 2 jobs in Gloucester County. So I hit Glassboro Woods instead!
Another good spot for Winter Wren. My high count there - whats in ebird -
is 7. I had 5 today. And that was only birding 1/4 of what I wanted! I need to
get back. I also want to get to some Cumberland spots for Winter Wren.
No Jan. Pileated at Glassboro. They are being quiet.......
I wasn't surprised with a Phoebe. Not this winter! I hit Lincoln and
Stanger for those interested. Loaded with birds!

Ways to find your high count for an area. Easiest is probably the hotspot
page if a hot spot. Just click on your totals for the hotspot. Then click on
view all for the species in question.
Or just look up all the species you have lifetime in a county. Again click
on view all for the desired species. ebird is great in the way the numbers
are right there! Very easy to find your high count.

Good birding all. A couple friends chased and saw the Guillemot this early
afternoon. I hope it sticks for others this weekend!

Sandra Keller

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