Date: 1/9/20 2:39 pm
From: Kay Zagst <kay.zagst...>
Subject: [texbirds] Kirby Lake, Jay Packer and a Taylor County Big Year
Hi, TexBirders,

I wanted to say thanks to David Sarkozi for making sure we knew about Jay
Taylor's Big Year Effort in Taylor County that is also a fundraiser for the
Kirby Lake Nature Park..

If you haven't seen David's earlier email, I've appended it below.

Jay finished up his big year with an amazing 289 species...

That's 289 species in one-just one-West Texas, mostly-desert-scrub,
no-large-bodies-of-salt-water-county in one year!!

If one donates just 10 cents per species, that's only a $28.90 donation...

If one pledged 20 cents per species, that's only $57.80 in support of Jay,
his efforts and the nature park...

It's easy to make a pledge-one doesn't even have to create an account..

Jay's blog is interesting, well written, informative, educational and with
great visuals with all the photographs.

I wanted to put out a Gentle Reminder, after the crunch time of Christmas
Bird Counts and other things related to the holiday season..

There's still time to pledge and support his effort!!

Hope you will!!

Kay Zagst

From David Sarkozi:

Some may not be away of Jay Packer's Taylor County Big Year (Abilene). Jay
had a Ferruginous Hawk today for county bird 289 this year. While Taylor
County does have two good size lakes, Kirby Lake and Lake Abilene, that's a
really remarkable total for that part of Texas. How has he done this? By
birding every single day, and I mean he has not skipped a single day this

I write this because 290 species seems like a very real possibility with 10
days to go in the year. This month alone he has added Hutton's Vireo,
Crested Caracara, Le Conte's Sparrow, Red-headed Woodpecker, Green-tailed
Towhee and Ferruginous Hawk.

Jay is doing this to raise money for the Kirby Lake Nature Park. To date,
close to $8,000 has been pledged. I think if a lot of people from TEXBIRDS
went to his blog and made a pledge, $10,000 is possible. With all versions
of TEXBIRDS reaching more than 8,000 people, I think we should shoot for
pledging $15,000 total for the nature park. If each person that this
potentially reaches pledged just a penny a bird, that would be $23,120. If
each pledged a dime a bird, that would be $230,000!

Why does this matter? Because it would tell the city fathers who run the
nature park that there are people who really care about these things in
Texas and show we believe they can have something special in Abilene.

Go to to read about the big year and to
make a pledge.

I've had the great fun of birding with Jay two days this year and I'm
planning to be there for the finale on December 31. Please take a few
minutes to check out Jay's blog and consider a donation.

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