Date: 1/9/20 2:32 pm
From: Petra Hockey <phockey...>
Subject: [texbirds] Anna's Hummingbird in Port O'Connor, Calhoun Co.

after a flurry of hummers in early winter (late Nov., early Dec.; all late Ruby-throated migrants) our backyard feeders had no activity at all until 5 days ago. The new arrival looked a bit chunky and I had my suspicions but only in the last couple of days have I been able to get some photos that show the telltale fieldmarks of the female Anna's. The white over the eye, the grayish sides with green speckling, the red spots concentrated in the middle of the throat. I also managed a (not so great) shot that nevertheless shows how the inner primaries of Anna's are not as narrow as they would be on a Ruby-throated. And to top it off, this bird responded vigorously to a Xenocanto recording of Anna's flight calls interacting at flowers. It appeared out of nowhere and hoovered just a couple of yards in front of our upstairs window looking for the rival.

Photos can be seen on facebook Texbirds and Costal Bend Birding.

Petra Hockey
Port O’Connor, Calhoun Co.

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