Date: 1/8/20 11:03 pm
From: Jamie <j.c.fairchild...>
Subject: [texbirds] Re: Crocheted rescue nests
In response to John Blackwell (original post below), I Googled Wildlife
Rescue Nests and found this organization:
I frankly never heard of this before, but I enjoy crochet, and I would
love to use my skills to help out wildlife in rehab. This looks like
a great group who is well organized and they provide nests to
rehabbers around the world. Thanks for this great suggestion. I'm
excited to get started.
Jamie FairchildFort Bend County, TX

From: John Blackwell <john.a.blackwell51...>
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2020 21:26:31 -0600
Subject: [texbirds] Crocheted Rescue Nests

Are any of you familiar with crocheted rescue nests for birds and other
small animals? I crochet and would be interested in making some for any
re-habers that could use them.
John A. Blackwell
Colorado County, Texas


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