Date: 1/8/20 5:29 pm
From: Tom and Lu Wetmore <ttw4...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Plum Island Seaside Sparrow

I had a Seaside Sparrow in the phrags around Stage Island Pool this morning. It was on the side of the dirt road between the two Sandy Point parking lots, closer to the final lot.

I had pished in a few birds, including a Swamp Sparrow and a Marsh Wren when I saw a sparrow fly in from deeper in the phrags and land in a bush by the side of the road. Assuming it would be another Swamp Sparrow, I got it in the binocs only to discover a beautiful Seaside Sparrow, with bright white throat, bright white malars and bright yellow lores, rich reddish wings, and gray undersides with faint streaking and central spot. My first winter Seaside Sparrow, and the first for my Plum Island database as well.

Good birding,

Tom Wetmore,
Newburyport, Mass.
Think globally, bird locally.

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